Our Company

33Group is a Ghanaian owned company that consists of a good blend of a highly trained and experienced professionals in the various fields of construction and estates management. We deliver world class services to clients by the use of modern technologies with excellent customer service to give our clients optimum satisfaction. 33Group exists to provide efficient and reliable solutions to all estate service needs.

For us, technology is not just a tool but also the backbone to efficiently diagnose problems, track and solve them with precision, using the most efficient and recommended materials. This is why at, 33Group, we have successfully developed a system that is capable of diagnosing problems, tracking history of maintenance (including detailing technicians reports), scheduling maintenance and projecting cost of maintenance. This system also allows clients to plan projects with professionals on our platform and enables government to track road maintenance programs and traffic control systems. All these at a tap of buttons in one place making it easier for clients to effectively monitor the growth of their projects and be sure that it has been executed well.

The world is changing very quickly and with it, the way problems are resolved. Particularly in estate development and management especially the charm is in proactively resolving problems with efficiency and speed as this goes a very long way to cut down cost and eventually increase profits. This is what we offer our clients as a company.


To be the ideal, excellent, global household name and leader in timely and efficient delivery of estate services using modern technologies.


Using the best of technologies and excellent professionals in providing world class estate service solution to clients while providing challenging and rewarding safe working environment (office and project sites) for employees to flourish. Create an environment that nurtures and groom proactive will-powered leaders who will carry on the best practices of estate services deliveries without compromise.